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You can help protect the River! We need hundreds of people who care for the River to speak out.

Writing or calling elected officials, attending public hearings, signing petitions - all of these actions do make a difference! Each letter or voice helps to ensure that elected officials and government agencies ensure the protection of the St. Lawrence River.

Read on below for how you can take action to protect the River.

Latest News

ACTION NEEDED – Keep Asian Carp Out of the St. Lawrence River!
The St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes are national treasures, supporting a $7 billion fishing industry, $16 billion boating industry, and 1.5 million jobs. The introduction of Asian Carp and other species will put the well-being of our communities, wildlife, and waters at risk. read more

Seaway Opening Delayed to March 31.
Conditions still merit concern. read more

Save The River Urges State to Not Weaken Water Quality Monitoring
It has been dismaying to our 4,000 + members and supporters that the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has proposed significantly weakening the monitoring of New York’s waterbodies and, at the same time, restricting the sources of monitoring data that could complement and supplement a reduced state monitoring effort. Simply ignoring the myriad of pollutants that are impairing our waterbodies like the St. Lawrence River will not make them clean nor reduce the consequences to our children, our visitors and our state’s residents that will result from their unknowing exposure to those pollutants. read more

February 23-28 is National Invasive Species Awareness Week
Aquatic invasive species are one of the most critical problems facing the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes. With 186 species introduced into the River and Lakes, the region's ecosystem is bending under the weight of these introduced species. Some scientists worry that the ecosystem of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River may be close to collapse because of these species. The damage done by invasive plants alone costs the U.S. an estimated $34.7 billion a year. read more

Long Awaited Report Released on How to Stop Asian Carp
The much anticipated Army Corps of Engineers' report identifying options to stop the spread of Asian Carp and other aquatic invasive species between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River waterways has been released. Now it is time for citizens from around the Great Lakes St. Lawrence River Basin to speak up and demand the most robust solution - physical separation. read more

Local Business ‘Smokes’ Competition, Supports Save The River
Congratulations Nolan Knapp and Dustin Orvis of Reinman’s Ace Hardware team ‘Smoke on the Water’ for taking 1st place in both the chicken and rib bbq categories at Clayton’s 2nd annual Punkin Chunkin & BBQ Festival. Also a big thanks for choosing Save The River as your charity of choice, the BBQ was delicious and ... read more

Tell Congress “Don’t weaken environmental review of Army Corps projects!”
Provisions in the House and Senate versions of the Water Resources Development Act will make it much harder to fight bad Army Corps projects like Seaway Expansion and winter navigation, should they be re-introduced. read more

Letter Signed by Diverse Coalition Supports Plan 2014
Save The River joined with a diverse group of environmental, conservation, sportsmen and governmental organizations to support Plan 2014 and urge quick implementation. read more

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