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Save The River Questions Oil on the River at Great Lakes Forum 2016
Crude oil has no place on the River or its tributaries. While at the Great Lakes Public Forum, Riverkeeper and Save The River's Executive Director had a chance to remind the panelists of the 1976 Nepco 140 spill of 300,000 gallons of crude oil on the St. Lawrence River - at the time the largest inland oil spill in North America and to ask about measures to deal with spills from pipelines, and rail, as well as ships. read more

Join Senator Schumer Tomorrow, Speak out about Montreal Sewage Dumping
As Riverkeeper we are committed to making all the world's freshwater swimmable, fishable and drinkable, not sewers. Join us with Senator Schumer and push for an environmentally correct solution. read more

Plan 2014 Benefits Touted; New York Times Article
"It’s a heartbreaker to watch a big fish like that die because it’s not able to spawn." read more

7News This Morning Covers Approaching Winter Conference
Executive Director / Riverkeeper Lee Willbanks spoke with John Moore and Beth Hall about the Conference's focus on issues facing the St. Lawrence River - the potential transport of tar sands oil on the River, the status of a new water levels plan, the health of the fishery and where the effort to ban microbeads stands. Save The River's education programs will also be highlighted. read more

Binational Local Support for Plan 2014 Continues
Local governments continue to pass resolutions in support of Plan 2014. 15 River communities from the U.S. and Canada have now gone on record supporting this modern water levels plan. read more

Great Lakes racing to prepare for a new kind of oil spill-WBEZ Radio Chicago
The explosion in tar sands production in western Canada means increasing amounts of crude oil is making its way to the American Midwest...Tar sands bitumen is different than traditional crude oil. It’s heavier and it sinks in freshwater...“The Midwest and the Great Lakes lie at a virtual crossroads of production and transportation and distribution. And because those things carry inherent risk. we’re faced with some tough questions about how to deal with that” read more

Save The River Executive Director Attends Annual Great Lakes Restoration Conference
Lee Willbanks, Save The River Executive Director and Upper St.Lawrence Riverkeeper attended the 10th Annual Healing Our Waters Great Lakes Restoration Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan last week as a presenter and participant. read more

Jefferson County, Town of Clayton Pass Resolutions Endorsing Plan 2014
The Jefferson County Board of Legislators and the Clayton Town Board have unanimously passed resolutions in support of Plan 2014 at their August and July meetings respectively. read more

Save The River Reports on Week 5 of Beach Watch Program
Save The River’s Beach Watch Program is in the process of monitoring popular summer swimming locations on the River from July 7th through August 25th Save The River reports all samples passed in Week 5. read more

Save The River’s Summer Raffle!
This summer Save The River is raffling off a beautiful Great-Blue Heron that was hand-carved and painted by George Textor. read more

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Founded in 1978, Save The River is a non-profit, member-supported environmental organization whose mission is to restore, preserve and protect the ecological integrity of the Upper St. Lawrence River through advocacy, education and research. Since 2004 Save The River has been a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance as the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper.

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The St. Lawrence River is one of the largest Rivers in the world and a magnificent place to live, work and play. Save The River has been working for more than 35 years to protect the River for current and future generations.

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Save The River was designated the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper and is a member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance. The Waterkeeper Alliance is the world’s fastest growing environmental movement, with more than 200 local Waterkeepers patrolling rivers, lakes and coastal waterways on 6 continents.

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