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Since 1978 we have united thousands of year-round and seasonal residents, on both the U.S. and Canadian sides of the River to ensure that the Upper St. Lawrence River is healthy. Our advocacy and educational programs are based on science and community outreach.

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Eel Protection Study at Iroquois Water Control Dam

Last fall, Save The River traveled to the Iroquois Water Control Dam in Lisbon, NY to learn more about the Eel Protection Study. American eel are listed as an endangered species by the Province of Ontario and are a species of concern in New York State. American eel spawn in the Sargasso Sea; an area […]

Highlights of Winter Environmental Conference

Over 100 members of the River community came together at the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel on Saturday, January 28th for Save The River’s 34th Annual Winter Environmental Conference. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with speakers discussing a variety of topics including water levels, Common Tern restoration, shipboard firefighting, the health of the ecosystem, Save […]

“Forever chemicals” – PFAS – are contaminating Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River fish and our local waterways FACT: “Forever chemicals” are contaminating Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River fish and our local waterways. PFAS, the general acronym describing a class of thousands of chemicals that don’t break down, were found in 100% of NNY waterways that we tested last year. Now, a national study just released this week found extremely high […]

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