Save The River® / Upper St. Lawrence RIVERKEEPER®​ protecting, preserving and restoring the Upper St. Lawrence River, now . . . and for generations to come.

Since 1978 we have united thousands of year-round and seasonal residents, on both the U.S. and Canadian sides of the River to ensure that the Upper St. Lawrence River is healthy. Our advocacy and educational programs are based on science and community outreach.

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River Celebration Non-Gala 2022

Presented by the Cerow Agency, Audie and Laura Cerow Save The River’s Non-Gala Celebration is part of a longtime tradition with origins tied to the illumination ceremonies made popular on the St. Lawrence River during the Gilded Age. This celebration is an opportunity to honor those traditions and the spirit of the River that runs […]

Organizations ask President Biden for Clean Water Act Compliance on Ballast Water

Save The River Upper St. Lawrence RiverkeeperⓇ was one of 160 cosigners on this letter to President Biden asking him to direct the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement discharge standards for ship’s ballast water that comply with the Clean Water Act. Save The River has long advocated for stricter treatment of ballast water […]

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